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OnTrack to cut up to 600 positions after Confederation line opens in 2018

_ (public memo from OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi) _ Mayor, Councillors and members of Transit Commission,

Earlier this morning, we briefed the three union Presidents regarding workforce adjustments associated with the implementation of LRT.

As you are aware the implementation of LRT will result in the need for fewer buses with a corresponding reduction in staff required to operate and maintain the system and reducing overall costs associated with the Council approved business case for LRT.

Below is the information we shared with the Presidents and the information that went out to our staff.

Staff and the unions were aware that we would be sharing information as it became available, well in advance of 2018 when the train goes into revenue service.  As noted below, we have a number of strategies that continues to promote our proactive and positive dialogue and we are encouraging ideas from staff and the unions to mitigate the number of affected staff.

The unions were made aware as part of our meeting that we would be sharing this information with our staff today. _ Message sent to staff: _ I would like to share with you that earlier today the Senior Management team met with the three union Presidents to share with them various potential scenarios associated with how many employees may potentially be impacted with the opening of the Confederation Line in 2018.

As we have communicated to you in the past, fewer buses will be required when the Line opens in 2018. This will translate into a reduction in the number of employees to operate and maintain the service.

Together, working with you and the unions, we will develop innovative ideas and identify practicable ways to prevent or limit layoffs.

At this time we are estimating that there will be an overall reduction to our workforce of somewhere between 500 and 600 positions, however from now until 2018 a number of things can help minimize or lessen the number of employees that are impacted including:

Leveraging the use of retirees;

Using vacancies;

Timming of Stage 2 of LRT and the need to keep staff for Detours; and,

Other ideas or suggestions.

The Confederation Line creates approximately 100 new positions, which reduces the overall reduction, and management is committed to making all the position available to our current employees by investing in training, facilities, equipment, etc. to create the opportunities for you to be successful in qualifying for these exciting new opportunities.

If you have any ideas on how we can reduce the number of layoffs, please discuss with your union representatives or with your supervisor.  We want to hear your ideas.

As I have promised in the past, I will communicate with you information pertaining to the Confederation Line as soon as it becomes available so that you are well informed.

Following are key points regarding the multimodal operations workforce adjustment:

O-Train Confederation Line will replace bus service between Tunney’s Pasture

and Blair Stations

Each train will have the capacity to replace eight or nine articulated buses on each trip

Expecting to significantly reduce bus operations by approximately 500,000 hours

per year

Expecting to reduce bus fleet size by 170 to 180

Stage 1 detours will come to an end

Fewer operators, maintenance staff and support staff required for bus operations

Fare system is changing from proof-of-payment to fare gates at stations

At this time, we forecast that there will be a reduction of 571 FTEs post opening

Positions affected by Union Groups:
  • ATU:                            486  to 571
  • CUPE 5500:                   10  to   20
  • ATU 1760: _ 9  to   17 _

Total:  505 to 608

105 _ + _

New opportunities with Rail

** What is being done to minimize the effect on current employees? **
All bus operators hired since Q1 2015 have been advised

Any new maintenance staff that may be affected will be advised

Where vacancies occur (e.g., retirements, resignations) staffing is being reviewed

New opportunities exist in rail and multimodal operations

(current estimates: 70 operators, 15 controllers, 10 support staff)

We will work collaboratively to use retirees as a solution

We will work collaboratively to use vacancies as a solution

If possible, we will use Stage 2 detour requirements as a solution

We will work collaboratively with all three unions to identify practicable ways to prevent or limit layoffs.

Thank you, ** John Manconi ** General Manager, Transit Services |

Directeur général, Service de transport en commun

Transit Services Department | Service de transport en commun City Manager’s Office | Bureau du directeur municipal

City of Ottawa | Ville d’Ottawa