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OC Transpo schedules on your mobile phone

This was posted today on Livejournal … details about a web application to show OC Transpo bus stop schedules on your mobile phone. Even cooler is that it was created by Remino , a regular bus rider – and is

totally unofficial & unsanctioned

by OC Transpo. I love it when ordinary citizens remix/reuse data and one-up what the city offers. Remi is currently testing the service & looking for feedback. ** Nice job & good luck Remi!


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_ ** Unofficial OC Transpo 560 Mobile (alpha version) ** _ Info: [ http://remino.net/oc560/ ](http://remino.net/oc560/) App: [ http://oc560.remino.net/ ](http://oc560.remino.net/) The application lets you get a timetable via your Web browser by providing your stop number and route number. It's made for the tiny display of a cellphone, but it can work in any browser. If there's a stop you usually go to to take a specific route, you can even make your own URL to instantly get the timetable. You can bookmark that URL and you won't need to fill in the form every time you want to get the upcoming bus times. Simply put the stop number and the route number in the URL: [ http://oc560.remino.net/ ](http://oc560.remino.net/) _ stop _ / _ route _ For example, if I want to get the timetable for the route 1 at the stop 2322, the URL would be the following: [ http://oc560.remino.net/2322/1 ](http://oc560.remino.net/2322/1) This application is in alpha version and is not linked in any way with or approved by OC Transpo. I'm just releasing it for people who wants to play with it and are willing to give me feedback. [ Read more (and comments) ](http://community.livejournal.com/octranspo/306032.html)

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