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Not Fake Friday: Public wake for the Hintonburg KFC

[ A KFC on Wellington Street in the Hintonburg neighbourhood of Ottawa.

Photo by Steve Brandon , used by permission.

Yes, this is actually happening.  Not a joke, apparantly. From the Hintonburg Community Association :
** Public wake for the Hintonburg KFC ** The KFC in Hintonburg next to the Elmdale Tavern has closed its doors. To collectively deal with our grief and begin the healing process, a wake has been organized. The afflicted are invited to gather at the Elmdale, Saturday June 4 from 5-7 pm.Fred Schubert, director of His Lady of Mercy, and Rev. Anthony Bailey of Parkdale United Church have agreed to deliver a few words of comfort. The HCA is offering a Hintonburg/Mechanicsville history book for the best spoken word, poetry or song memorial of the departed. [ Follow us on Twitter ](http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=HintonburgCA) for other elegists.

(via Miss Vicky’s blog )

** Update: ** The Citizen has posted an article about the wake, including an interview with Jeff Leiper who’s organizing the event.



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