New Product Revolutionizes Home-based Organic Food Gardening


Finally, urban gardeners have pesticide free protection for growing vegetables and herbs. They can produce higher yields from the small garden spaces typical of this rapidly expanding market segment. Seed Haven blocks crawling pests, concentrates sunlight on seedlings, and captures nutrient rich rainwater. The result:  accelerated plant growth and maximized quantity and quality of produce.

After years of research and field testing Seed Haven is being manufactured in Ottawa, Ontario. It is reusable and is much more cost effective than the constant application of environmentally unfriendly and ineffective pesticides. Distribution to consumers is via an expanding list of prestigious Home Hardware, Rona, Independent Grocer and major garden center locations.

Municipalities  across North America are adopting regulations that provide support to residents interested in growing their own food (Surls et al 2014).  A recent University of Toronto report (Conway and Brannen) cited over 40% of residents in Toronto and Vancouver grow some food at home. Extrapolation of this data to municipalities in Canada and the US means Seed Haven®” has a major market.

Seed Haven was invented by a retired engineer and accountant who, while on their fitness walks around the neighbourhood, lamented the destruction of their vegetable and herb gardens by pests. Having solved this problem, their plan is to expand on this solution to create a new generation of vegetable and herb garden growing aids.

For more information, contact Peter Jordan, President, Seed Haven, Inc. by email:


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