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New online media outlet to launch in Ottawa next month

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A new digital news outlet for Ottawa is slated to launch in mid-February, run by a company with a history of successful online news startups across Ontario.

Village Media posted a job ad this week for the position of multimedia reporter for the forthcoming _ ottawamatters.com _ , as well as a second outlet to launch in the spring, _ kingstontoday.ca. _ The company already operates similar sites in other Ontario locales such as Sault Ste. Marie, Guelph and Barrie.

Village Media’s business model revolves around all-in local coverage, mostly with stories that don’t take much time to develop, with revenue made off local ad sales, according to _ j-source.ca _ .

“The approach so far has worked: the “core sites” of Village Media are profitable, but the company overall loses money through investing in new markets,” a _ j-source.ca _ profile said. “A site needs two to three years to garner enough of a footprint in a community to become profitable.”