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New life for Bell Street apartment towers


 Photo by m0nkeyman


Eric Darwin has two posts over on his West Side Action blog about the upcoming renovation of the Bell Street Towers.

 The  Bell tolls for Peyton Place


 The Bell tolls for Peyton Place (ii)

One of Ottawa’s biggest eyesores is finally getting a facelift. Eric reports: “The building has been sold to a redeveloper who will renovate the interiors and put on a new exterior cladding. This will enclose parts of the balconies of many units, to make the inside space bigger.”

Here’s more from the Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) blog : “There is a request for a minor variance for three roof top units to be added.There will be about $40 million spent on repairs, including a new facade. The builder wants a sign variance to hang very large banners for five to ten years… Landlord has indicated that no one will be evicted because of the renovation.”

Can anybody clarify - what is the actual name of the apartment complex? I’ve often seen it referred to as the “Bell Street Towers” (as the DCA refers to it), but then it also goes by " Fairview Towers “.

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