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More tv news cutbacks: CTV's local news inserts

CTV is the latest local media outlet to make cutbacks to its newscasts. The Ottawa Citizen reports :



CTV Television has discontinued the local news inserts that were part of the Canada AM morning show, but the move will not result in any lost jobs in Ottawa. > > “The local three-minute inserts — like a little news update — that Michael O’Byrne used to read on the half hour, that’s what we’re discontinuing,” said Louis Douville, CTV Ottawa’s general manager. “We’re really looking at it as a formatting change. Nobody is losing employment at CTV Ottawa. I’m very pleased that there was no impact in terms of people losing their employment.” [ Read the full story... ](http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Business/cuts+local+insert+from+Canada/1387014/story.html) > >

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