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Mayor asks Ottawa-Vanier MPP candidates their positions on city issues

_ (Via Mayor Jim Watson’s office) _ Dear Candidates in Ottawa-Vanier,

I am writing to you today to seek information on your position on issues of great interest to the City of Ottawa, and our residents and businesses. To this end, I am sending you the attached questionnaire. There are only 4 questions, which should take you and your campaign team a few minutes to answer.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide your reply on or before ** November 10


** . We intend to post all received responses on my website, simultaneously, without editorial comment. The intention of this respectful initiative is to ensure local issues specific to Ottawa-Vanier receive provincial attention in the lead-up to the November 17



I look forward to hearing from you and thank you, in advance, for taking part in this initiative.

Sincerely, ** Jim Watson ** Mayor

City of Ottawa _ (questions) _

The city is embarking on an ambitious Light Rail Transit project, including Stage 2 that sends light rail further East, West and South. If elected, will you and your party support Stage 2?

Truck traffic in the downtown core, particularly on Kind Edward, Rideau and Waller Streets, is often unsafe and takes away from the quality of life of residents and visitors.

The city has approved a plan to conduct an EA on a proposed truck tunnel that would remove the majority of trucks from the downtown core. Will you and your party support 13 funding of the EA in this next fiscal year so that work can begin on the study next year?

Ottawa has seen an increase in the number of shootings in our city.

Would you support providing ongoing sustainable funding for our Ottawa Police DART and Guns and Gangs teams to help combat this serious challenge?

Will you and your party join with the Federal Government and the City of Ottawa in adding additional funding for affordable housing? If so, what kind of support do you envision?