Mayfair Theatre rolls out red carpet for Ottawa martial artist's Hollywood debut

_ (press release) _ ** OTTAWA ** - Earlier this month, Los Angeles crowds anxiously stood outside for the world premiere of _ Kickboxer: Vengeance _ _ , _ the first film in the rebooted _ Kickboxer _ franchise.

Ottawa breakout star Alain Moussi, playing the lead character _ Kurt Sloane _ (the same role Jean-Claude Van Damme played in 1989’s original _ Kickboxer _ ) had one thing in mind during this Hollywood Premiere: to bring red carpet glamour to his hometown, and share the chic Hollywood experience with his local fans, friends, family members and all who’ve supported him for many years.

Held at the Mayfair Theatre in downtown Ottawa, guests were all smiles as they walked the red carpet for this special evening. Moussi was very generous with his time, arriving early to mingle and take pictures with the crowd.

“I’m very proud to host this premiere in Ottawa.  It’s important for me to share the feeling with the people who are close to me and have encouraged me for a long time. The international launching of the _ Kickboxer _ remake is a great moment for me and my family.  One of my childhood heroes was Jean-Claude Van Damme, and that started when I watched the original _ Kickboxer _ in 1989.  So it’s an honour for me to play the same character in this new trilogy, alongside JCVD, the legend himself!’’ proudly mentioned Alain.

Jeff Hunt, Partner and President of the Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL) was in attendance as an honourary red carpet guest. “Alain Moussi’s rise to leading actor is a testament to the talent residing in Ottawa and the strength of its martial arts community,” said Hunt.  “I’m proud of Alain Moussi’s accomplishments. He is this generations Jean-Claude Van Damme and I’m a real fan.   Dimitri Logothetis, world-renowned movie producer/director, was also in attendance.  The director of the Kickboxer Trilogy says he believes a new star has been born. “Alain Moussi’s talent is undeniable,” said Logothetis. “He brings a different flair to the _ Kickboxer _ franchise. Alain’s work ethic, professionalism and passion will take him far in this industry. I am convinced that Alain Moussi will have a long and successful career.” ** Ottawa’s Alain Moussi ** _ ** Kickboxer: Vengeance ** _ ** Movie ** ** - At a Glance ** ** Key Talents ** ** Alain Moussi ** X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), Warcraft: The Beginning (2016) and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013). ** Dave Bautista ** (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre, WrestleMania). ** Jean-Claude Van Damme ** (Double Impact, Universal Soldier, Bloodsport, Timecop, Hard Target). ** Gina Carano ** (Deadpool, Heist, Fast & Furious 6). ** Georges St-Pierre ** (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, three times UFC World Champion). ** John Stockwell ** (Director, Blue Crush, Into the Blue, Turistas, Cat Run).

** Synopsis **

After witnessing his brother being killed in the ring in a brutal bout in Thailand, young kickboxer Kurt decides to train under the tutelage of his brother’s legendary, no-nonsense coach Durand, in order to take-on Tong Po, the man responsible for his brother’s death. Durand doesn’t feel Kurt has what it takes to defeat the awesome strength of Tong Po. But Durand doesn’t reckon on Kurt’s powerful and unquenchable thirst for vengeance. ** We like it because: ** In 1989 the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in the original Kickboxer.

Now he’s back in this reworking of that classic film, and, in his Fifties, is still in as good a shape as his younger counterparts. A martial arts movie line-up doesn’t get much better than this. Aside from JCVD, there is also Guardians of the Galaxy and Spectre star Dave Bautista, fast becoming the big screen’s next Dwayne Johnson, and, in the lead role, Hollywood stunt performer Alain Moussi;three time UFC champion George St-Pierre; as well as Fast & Furious 6’s Gina Carano.

Combined, they make _ KICKBOXER VENGEANCE _ a must-see for action movie fans. Chock full of insane fight scenes, culminating in a superb showdown between Moussi and Bautista, intense (and occasionally humorous) martial arts training sequences at the hands of JCVD, exotic locales, and kept at a thundering pace with the relentless revenge plot, KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE is a no-holds barred-slice of slam bang cinema directed with explosive flair by John Stockwell. Veteran chop-socky star JCVD, in shades and fedora, and Moussi (in his first lead role) are perfect in the roles of teacher and student, and Bautista flexes his formidable big screen chops as the villainous, seemingly unstoppable Tong Po. This is bone snapping, knuckle smashing action cinema at its best, combining a top quality cast with breathtaking stuntwork to provide a knockout entertainment.