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LRT builder's legacy of disappointing everyone continues

Artist’s rendering of a finished St-Laurent Station. (via ligneconfederationline.ca)

“Third time was not the charm,” says CBC Ottawa.

“LRT builder nets unflattering hat trick,” the Ottawa Citizen added.

LRT builder Rideau Transit Group, or RTG, confirmed on Tuesday that it will miss the March 31 deadline to have the $2.1-billion Confederation Line over to the City of Ottawa. That would be the third time it’s missed such a deadline — the others were May 24 and Nov. 2 of last year.

You can read the full stories on CBC Ottawa and the Ottawa Citizen. But first check out these awesome tweets from Joanne Chianello, CBC’s city affairs analyst, over the course of the city’s finance and economic development committee meeting on Tuesday. Yesterday she had a blockbuster report that foreshadowed today’s news: ‘Unreliable’ LRT trains can’t handle Ottawa winters, internal reports reveal.

And with that, we nominate Chianello for Ottawa Tweets of the Day.