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Local cleaning company pledges quarter of profits to Australia wildfire relief

A map of current bushfires in Australia. (MyFireWatch/Government of Western Australia)

(Press release)

Skrub Home Cleaning Services, an eco-friendly home and office cleaning company located here in Ottawa, announced today that they will be pledging 1/4 of their gross profit in the months of January & February 2020 to aid in the relief and rebuild of Australian Wildlife by donating half to the Australian Red Cross and half to the RSPCA New South Wales. Australia has recently erupted into flames. Displacing animals, decimating habitats and destroying thousands of homes.

To-date the raging wildfires have caused the destruction of 1,300 homes, burned 14.5 million acres, the deaths of half a billion native animals and at least 18 people are dead with many more missing. With this kind of devastation, one would imagine a wealth of support from the countries leaders. Unfortunately, in this scenario, that’s not the case.

This ultimately places the overall wellbeing of Australia following the fires on the public. As a small business that cares about the environment, Skrub Home Cleaning Services is just looking to do their part.

“By donating a portion of our profits in the next couple months, we hope to be able to aid in the long but hopefully repairable rebuild of Australia” says Cole Cetnarski, the Owner and Founder of Skrub. “It’s just another disaster that I rarely remember happening growing up. If I want a world for my children to grow up in, it’s time that I do my part to make a difference”

With the wildfires still burning, death tolls rising and a state of emergency across the country it’s time that each of us does our part to help.

“I urge other businesses to follow suit and do their part to help as well, I hope that my initiative encourages even larger corporations to do the same” -Cole Cetnarski

Skrub Cleaning Home Services is an all Eco-friendly cleaning services dedicated to environmental awareness, dependability and affordability. Run by a young couple, Cole Cetnarski & Mackenzie Gillis, they have been in business for close to a year and boast 5 star reviews on Yelp as well as Facebook. If you would like to learn more or would like to schedule a cleaning or make a donation you can visit Skrubcleaning.com or call them at 613-404-4004.