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Literally just nine minutes of LRT testing

An earlier shot of the Confederation Line testing (City of Ottawa)

If you like either or both:

  1. The Confederation Line
  2. Upbeat elevator music

Then Coun. Jeff Leiper has just the video!

He got a vantage point from the tower being constructed at Scott Street and Carruthers Avenue on Monday to partake in the splendid views afforded of the Confederation Line. Selfies were part of the day’s agenda.

Coun. Jeff Leiper may choose to invest in a selfie stick. (Video screenshot)

The product of the day is this timelapse video of two hours’ worth of train testing, which you can enjoy here.

Later, the councillor tweeted lyrics to Making Love Out of Nothing At All, as one does. (If he takes requests, we’d like to hear Do It Again.)