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List of flooding impacts on OC Transpo (also the Chaudière Bridge is closed)

OC Transpo bus downtown. (Photo/Devyn Barrie)

The flooding has caused some impacts to roads and, consequently, some OC Transpo routes.

  • The Chaudière Bridge closed to all traffic Sunday at 6 a.m. due to rising water. Route 44 will take the Portage Bridge; stops at Eddy/Laurier and Booth/Vimy Place will not be used for any routes, including the 61, 95 and 105. OC Transpo advises to catch the 44 Gatineau at Booth/Wellington (1876) or Terrasses de la Chaudière (5718). The 44 Billings Bridge, 61 Terry Fox, 95 Barrhaven Centre and 105 Tunney’s Pasture can be caught at Terrasses de la Chaudière (5718) or Booth/Sir John A Macdonald (1877).
  • Route 16 is avoiding some parts of Britannia that are busy with flood relief. The 16 Britannia is not currently going by the Ron Kolbus Centre or the Britannia Loop. OC Transpo advises catching the bus at Brittania/Howe (2793). The 16 Main can be caught at Don/Britannia (4954).
  • Routes 152 and 658 are not serving Grandview Road due to flooding. Stops at Grandview/Borden and Grandview/Hastings are not in use — catch the buses at Carling/Grandview (0910)
  • You can stay updated on any changes or additions to these detours, and when the Chaudière Bridge re-opens, at octranspo.com or by checking out their Twitter feeds (English or French.)