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LINKS: Ottawa museums with great online exhibits

The Canadian War Museum was recently lit up in blue to recognize the efforts of health care workers. (Via Canada War Museum)

As social distancing efforts continue, public venues remain closed. The good news is, many museums have made some of their materials available online for you to enjoy.

  • The Canadian War Museum has curated online exhibits featuring hundreds of objects and thousands of photographs. Plus, watch a 10-minute video featuring Dr. Tim Cook, bestselling author and Acting Director of Research at the Canadian War Museum, as he examines Canada’s massive effort during the Second World War. With historic images, footage and personal accounts, Dr. Cook offers his thoughts on the service, the commitment and the sacrifice of a nation fighting for one goal: victory.

  • Diefenbunker virtual tours allow you to explore the vast underground fallout shelter from your living room.

  • The Canadian History Museum’s online offerings include fun activities and even some streaming films you might normally watch at their Cine+ theatre.

  • The Museum of Science and Technology’s permanent exhibits are explorable online. Such as Hidden Worlds, which “tells the story of how we use our senses and technology to reveal, observe, and explore worlds that are beyond our reach – from the smallest objects to the deepest parts of the oceans and universe.”

  • Learn about the Lockheed CC-130E Hercules at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum’s online collection highlights. Or, watch The Legacy Series, a documentary film series about aviation in WWII.

  • Learn about food preservation and/or canola online at the Agriculture and Food Museum. They also have lots of recipes for your food adventures at home!

  • There is a lot of cool economy-focused stuff on the Bank of Canada Currency Museum’s website. For example, learn what happens when bills lose their legal tender status.

  • You can see home-based educational science activities from Ingenium museums here.

  • The Ingenium channel also has lots of content on the topics of science, technology and innovation.

  • Take a virtual tour of the Bytown Museum and learn about how Ottawa became the city is it today.

  • For more digital museum content, a must-visit website is the Virtual Museum of Canada.