LINKED: Longtime community journalist hangs up his hat

From a silver-plating factory in Trenton, to a 28-year career in the RCMP, to 24 years in community journalism, 74-year-old John Brummell retired from the _ Stittsville News _ on Friday. ** Here’s an article about him in the _ Stittsville News _ this week. **

As well, Shad Qadri, Stittsville’s city councillor, wrote about Brummell in his weekly column to residents:

Dear Residents,


This week, a valued member of our community and photographer for the Stittsville News, John Brummell, is retiring. I would like to take a moment to send out my best wishes to John as he takes this well deserved break from the tireless efforts he puts forward in our community, whether it be as a journalist, photographer, gardener, or any other of his variety of passions


Mr. Brummell has been an outstanding resident for many years and his journalistic integrity, unwavering initiative and joyful spirit have always helped to shed a meaningful light upon breaking news stories within the Stittsville community. Upon a moment’s notice, he has always been ready and willing to photograph our residents as they work to making Stittsville a better place to live and shares that information with others so that they may be inspired to do the same.


He has helped to raise awareness with many of the efforts pursued by the community whether it be the annual “Stittsville Appreciation Awards”, the 4H livestock shows at the Carp and Richmond Fairs, and even the more recent homecoming ceremony for Stittsville-born Olympic gold medalist, Erica Wiebe, where the intention to rename the location of the event the “Erica Wiebe Gymnasium” within the Goulbourn Recreation Complex was announced.


He has photographed quite a few local celebrities – past, present, and future – but some of the most meaningful photos are those that resonate on a more personal level. One quality I have always admired in John is the special care he takes, regardless of the circumstances, in adding this personal touch to his work, notating the names of all those he photographs to ensure that they are recognized.


I overheard a conversation recently between a father and his son at A Lorne Cassidy Elementary School as the father shared a photo of his younger self taken by Mr. Brummell. It is moments like these which demonstrate the authentic relationships John has built with our community.


On behalf of the community, I would like to thank John for his years of service with the Stittsville News and wish him the very best for a happy retirement (although, I am certain that his presence within the Stittsville community will continue to be seen for many more years to come despite that fact!).


Regardless of how you choose to spend your retirement, on behalf of my team, I am wishing you health and happiness for your future endeavours, John. -Shad