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Leave the Phone Alone traffic safety blitz results in 60 tickets

As part of the _ Leave the Phone Alone _ distracted driving enforcement campaign, officers conducted a city wide enforcement blitz this morning, targeting drivers using cell phones.

In total, 32 Provincial Offence Notices were issuedfor handheld communication device with 28 Provincial offence notices for other offences.  The fine for handheld communication device is $280.

“We continue to see cell phones being used by drivers,” said East Division Traffic Sergeant Denis Hull. “It’s impossible to use your phone and drive safely.  Driving requires your full attention.  When you are distracted behind the wheel you put yourself and others at risk.”

In 2013, 40% of collisions in Ottawa involved distracted driving.  If statistics continue at the present rate, distracted driving will be the number one cause of injuries and fatalities on our roadways, surpassing impaired driving, by 2016.

Everyone has a role to play in preventing texting or talking while driving.

Drivers can simply put the phone away while driving;

Passengers can remind drivers to focus on their driving if they reach for the phone;

Children can remind parents not to drive distracted;

Phone users can first ensure that the person they are calling or texting isn’t driving.  If they are, tell them to wait until they can safely talk or text.

You can take the pledge not to text and drive at [ https://leavethephonealone.ca/

pledge.php ](https://leavethephonealone.ca/pledge.php)