It's a girl! Paramedics deliver baby in back of ambulance

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It’s a girl!

While transporting a female patient at 31 weeks gestation, Ottawa Paramedics pulled over on the Blackburn Bypass when mom started going into imminent labour.

Paramedics delivered a healthy baby girl, weighing 1440g, in the back of their unit at 1624hrs today, Thursday July 28


As both paramedics literally had their hands full, an Ottawa Police officer hopped in to drive the ambulance to the birthing unit. While on route, the paramedics continued to administer neonatal and post partum care.

Although 9 weeks early, mother and baby are both doing well and resting in hospital.

Coincidently, the paramedic who was treating the patient was very happy to perform the delivery, as she is 24 weeks pregnant herself.