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How much taxpayer money was spent cloning Jim Watson?



_ (One of the Mayor Watson 3000


clone units, surrounded by autograph-seeking rain barrels.  Photo from Jim Watson's Twitter feed, used without his permission but I don't think he'll mind.)


Seriously, I think that Mayor Jim Watson has been cloned.  Here’s his itinerary from today, obtained by OttawaStart via an Official Access to Tweets request.  About the only event he missed today was the appearance of Darth Vader at the Comic Book Shoppe .  And the day’s not over yet.

 Help hand out rain barrels in Riverside South

 Plant some trees in Riverside South

 Wish Happy Birthday to Giant Tiger on the 50th Anniversary

 Speak at the Lowertown Community Clean-Up

 More speaking, this time at the Tulip Festival at Majors Hill Park

 Hang out at M&M meat shop fundraiser with Rick Chiarelli

 Check out the Hintonburg Tulip Festival

 Attend the 40th Anniversary of the Gloucester Skating Club

P.S.: I think it’s great to have a mayor who is so active & involved in the community. Good job Jim!

Also, we’re not the first to speculate about the cloning. There were allegations of mayoral cloning during last year’s election campaign.

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