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How cold is it in Ottawa? Very.

How cold it is in Ottawa this week? ** Environment Canada ended and then re-issued an extreme cold warning ** https://twitter.com/CTVOttMornLive/status/946771652993585153 ** The Bell Capital Cup has cancelled outdoor games on the Parliament Hill rink due to brittle ice conditions.  (It’s too cold for the ice!) ** https://twitter.com/bellcapitalcup/status/946512334058610688 ** Ottawa Police are warning about dangerous black ice. Often in extreme cold weather it’s too cold for road salt to be effective. ** https://twitter.com/MICHAELCTV/status/946434028177149952 ** Ottawa Public Health has issued a frostbite advisory “until further notice” (yikes!). ** https://twitter.com/ottawahealth/status/945670749414498304 ** We could set an all-time weather record for consecutive super-cold days. ** https://twitter.com/YOW_Weather/status/946734606514081792 ** Crews are flooding the Rideau Canal Skateway and it’s possible it could open before New Year’s Eve. ** They still issued a press release on Friday to urge the public to stay off the ice.

https://twitter.com/NCC_Skateway/status/946051844568158211 ** We are the coldest world capital this week! ** https://twitter.com/PringleJosh/status/946711459131809792 ** The cold weather is making for some beautiful photos… ** https://twitter.com/oldmanloudwife/status/946199933228650496

https://twitter.com/NancyFromCanada/status/946547309646680068 ** And folks are maintaining their sense of humour through it all… ** https://twitter.com/twitandrewking/status/946407059641323520