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Here’s why you should keep your gas meter clear of snow and ice

When there’s heavy snowfall like what we’ve been having lately in Ottawa, it’s a common reminder that you should add your home exhaust and intake pipes to the snow clearing checklist.

You’re also supposed to clear your gas meter – that may not make sense at first but that’s because a buildup of snow and ice could damage it.

Via Enbridge:

  • Keeping your natural gas meter and appliance exhaust vents clear is important to ensure your meter is not damaged, your gas service is not interrupted, or to prevent an appliance malfunction.
  • Throughout the year, check your meter, gas piping and appliance vents regularly to ensure they are clear of snow and ice especially after a storm.
  • Use a snow brush or broom to gently clear any snow or ice. Don’t kick, hit, or use sharp objects, salt, hot water or ice melting chemicals.
  • Repair leaky eaves troughs or downspouts to prevent water from dripping on your gas meter or vents.
  • If your meter is near a sidewalk or driveway, make sure it is visible to snowplow drivers.
  • If you suspect a problem or there is ice buildup on your meter that can’t be removed easily with a brush or by hand, call us at 1-866-763-5427.

Clearing exhaust and intake pipes is important to avoid damage to your furnace and other appliances, as well as prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide in your home. You can get a heads-up on upcoming snowfall or freezing rain with the links on our weather page.