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Here's how transit will work after the Confederation Line opens in 2018

SEE ALSO: Mayor to make important LRT announcement in Kanata . _ (press release) _ ** Ottawa ** – OC Transpo today released three reports that include important information about changes to transit service that will be made when the O-Train Confederation Line opens in 2018. The reports are: Bus Service Identification, OC Transpo 2018 Route Network, and OC Transpo Fare System.

“The opening of the O-Train Confederation Line will mark a major change in the delivery of transit service in Ottawa,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “We’ll be moving from predominantly a bus service to a fully integrated multimodal service, which means that changes and adjustments will need to take place. John Manconi and the entire OC Transpo team have done an exceptional job to ensure a gradual, smooth and effective transition for customers.”

The transit service delivery model approved by Council in 2012 requires reorganization of the bus route network to coordinate service with the O-Train Confederation Line. The transition to the 2018 bus route network will affect the everyday trips of most transit customers as they may have to make a new connection between bus and train, or bus and bus, use fare gates, or use a bus route with a different route number. All O-Train stations on the Trillium and Confederation lines will have automated fare control, making it easy and efficient for customers to pay fares.

The 2018 service network will introduce three new service types: Rapid, Frequent and Connexion. Premium fares would be removed and the current Express service will be replaced by new Connexion routes, which will connect customers’ neighbourhoods to the Confederation Line.

“In preparation for 2018, we are modernizing the fare system to make it easy and efficient for our public transit riders,” said Chair Blais. “Our new system will also include removing outdated paper passes and replacing it with newer options such as Access, Youth and Multi-day passes.”

A new system map for the 2018 service network will be available in 2017 and will feature new service colours and symbols and a simplified format. A new wayfinding system will form the basis for clear communication and understanding of the new network for transit customers in the lead up to the opening of the Confederation Line service. New route numbers and bus stop graphics will be introduced in stages, beginning in 2017.

All three reports will be presented to the Transit Commission on Wednesday, June 15, and the OC Transpo Fare System report will be presented to City Council on June 22.