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Have you seen Paul Galipeau's stolen bag?

Paul Galipeau, a local photographer, is looking for help to track down a bag that was stolen from coat check at Barrymore’s on the weekend.

Paul was snapping photos on Saturday night at Barrymore’s iPod Battle event – and he thinks he managed to snap a photo of the thief. He’s hoping to find other people who took photos there, so he can prove his case:

"Not yet ready to "release" it, I have a photo and description of a possible suspectYOU can help me too! If you took photos of friends and the crowd at the iPod Battle on Saturday and have galleries online somewhere, send me links! Honestly, this could make or break this case! If you could provide CD-Rs with full-res images, that'd be even better!"

He’s also posted pics of the bag and some of its contents on Flickr. **


(Check out some of Paul’s great pics




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