GUEST POST: July's weather in review

_ (Kyle Smith is a local weather watcher. He writes a weather blog on his website , here’s a snippet from his review of last month’s weather) _ Environment Canada has released their month in review for July 2016.

The short version: temperatures are mostly on average, while precipitation is significantly lower than average.


While most are under the assumption that this has been a significantly warmer than usual Summer, it has actually be relatively average temperature wise. Some exceptions do apply; such as, regions in southern Ontario and areas west of Ottawa through to Algonquin Park – but even then, the temperature anomalies for those areas are only 1°.

A handful of days were hotter than average, but on a monthly scale, there were days that fell below average, too. This behavior cancels out some extremes and brings us down to an overall “average” month. ** Ottawa’s Extremes for July 2016 **

The warmest daytime high was 34° on July 22nd

The coolest daytime high was 18.6° on July 9th

The coolest overnight low was 10.7° in the early morning hours of July 20th

The warmest overnight low was 20.7° on July 22nd

So why does it feel like this has been a record setting Summer? ** Read the full post on… ** Follow Kyle on Twitter @KylesWeather.