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GUEST POST: Cool ways to learn about new non-profits in Ottawa

We all know Ottawa likes to give back, as we have shown time and time again with record local giving campaigns and a plethora of local charities. We all know the big names in local not-for-profits (NFP’s) but what about the folks doing cool and innovative stuff, albeit maybe on a smaller scale?

Now that the Amazing People movement is taking a break, where are other options to get exposed to small organizations having tremendous impact locally and nationally?

The discovery of so many cool people making a difference, often on a shoestring budget, was one of the highlights of the Gala for me, often re-instating the hope for a better world after dozens of negative media stories in a row. Those organizations and local superstars are definitely some movements we can all get behind! _ (Full disclosure, I’m the co-founder of the Gala so I’m biased) _ In other news ** Sam Laprade ** just launched her new radio show, _ An Hour to Give _ , on ** 1310 News ** . The weekly Saturday morning show will spend an hour with a local not for profit to highlight some of their programs, events and campaigns.


For those who don’t know Sam has been working with NFP’s for decades and most recently was also a regular on the _ Rick Gibbons Show _ before branching off and doing her own thing. Radio is not completely new to her as she’s been involved in media to start her career. _ (Full disclosure, Sam is part of Ottawa Media Group and a friend) _ Also earlier this month, local community champions ** Christian Robillard & Nash Mendes ** started a new podcast called Beyond the Bake Sale to highlight organizations and individuals doing things (beyond the bake sale) to raise funds and awareness. _ (Full disclosure, I’m an upcoming guest on the podcast where I will chat about Amazing People and some other local movements) _ There are a few places to find the gems of the local scene. It’s also funny to see I wrote about cool other events and funding venues before, yet with a different angle . Yes those avenues highlighted can get you some funds, but they’re also great at getting the word out for a homegrown social enterprise or NFP.

Did I miss anything? _ Eric _