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Guest blog: Five great date ideas for you and your love

Catherine Cusson-Garneau wrote today’s guest blog. She’s a sociology student at UofO, working towards becoming an urban planner. In the mean time, she does another form of urban planning by suggesting date ideas in Ottawa through her blog,

Ottawa Date Ideas


Fall in Ottawa is breathtaking. But if you’ve been living here for a while, you might start to take it for granted. Why not rediscover it again this fall this year with your better half or a date? Not only do you get to appreciate the details that make fall so great, the crisp air, the warmth of a sweater and the bright, colourful leaves, but you also get to share that experience with great company. Here are some classic and some not-so-classic Ottawa fall date ideas: > > 1. Enjoy fall first-hand by going outside. It’s impossible to start a list about fall in Ottawa without mentioning a stroll in the [ Gatineau Hills ](http://guidegatineau.ca/) . This makes for a great date since you’re surrounded by a beautiful and romantic scenery and have plenty of time to talk and snuggle up. Another great way to take in the smell and crisp air that makes fall so great is to walk by the Ottawa River and the [ Rideau Canal ](http://ottawastart.com/rideau-canal.php) . Not only is the landscape a beautiful mix of nature and the city, but it makes it easy to go for some hot coco or apple cider at a café nearby. You can also make this date athletic by going jogging or [ cycling ](http://ottawastart.com/bike.php) on the trails. 2. See the colours from inside. For those you’d rather stay inside (crazy!), you can also enjoy the fall colours through the majestic Great Hall at the [ National Gallery ](http://www.gallery.ca/) windows and afterwards see the representations of Canadian falls by the Group of Seven. This is also great lunch date idea since the Café l’Entrée is located right in the middle of the hall. 3. Go apple and pumpkin picking. These fall dates are classic for a reason, you get to enjoy the fall climate and then enjoy the fruit of your labour (literally in the case of apple picking). There a many great locations in the Ottawa Region where you can pick apples and pumpkins. The ones I usually go to are the Orleans Fruit Farm for apple picking and the [ Proulx Farm ](http://www.proulxberryfarm.com/) for pumpkins. Both places also offer hay rides which offer a great opportunity for cuddling after your hard work. Finally, if you still have some energy left afterwards, baking a pie concludes your day-date on a romantic note. 4. Cheer for your team. Going to see a varsity soccer or football game in the fall is a great date because you will either get really into the game and share the excitement orwill have it be an excuse to cuddle in the bleachers and chat. In Ottawa if you’re a football fan, the [ Gee-Gees ](http://www.geegees.ca/node/414?sid=17) are your answer but if you prefer soccer, both [ UOttawa’swomen’s team ](http://www.geegees.uottawa.ca/fr/node/311&sid=20?q=node/414&sid=20) and Carleton’s [ men’s ](http://www2.carleton.ca/goravens/teams/soccer-m/soccer-m-schedule/) and [ women’s ](http://www2.carleton.ca/goravens/teams/soccer-w/soccer-w-schedule/) teams offer great entertainment. Bonus: if you’re both from different universities, try finding a rival game. A little competitiveness can add to the fun and romance of it. 5. Do the D&M thing. No matter the season, you can never be bored of a [ dinner ](http://ottawastart.com/food.php) and a [ movie ](http://ottawastart.com/movies.php) date in Ottawa. In the fall, you’re looking to get warmed up, which is why I suggest heading to Chinatown and Little Italy, where you can grab a steaming bowl of pho or a rich and creamy plate of pasta. Afterwards, make your way to an old school movie theatre like the [ Mayfair ](http://mayfairtheatre.ca/) or [ Bytowne ](http://www.bytowne.ca/) to catch a flick and, you’ve guess it, cuddle. I would suggest walking if you have time, so you can step on crunchy leaves and admire the effect of fall on our city Go ahead, enjoy your city! ** **

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