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Gatineau Park study confirms ecosystems are in “good” condition

_ (press release) _ The overall condition of Gatineau Park is “good,” confirms the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Status Report on Gatineau Park Ecosystems. In 2006, it was deemed “acceptable.”


The Status Report on Gatineau Park Ecosystems seeks to evaluate the health of Gatineau Park’s ecosystems by measuring up to 10 years of data against ecological health indicators. This status report looks at the long-term trends in Gatineau Park, and identifies several issues of concern. The status report will also inform the renewal of the Gatineau Park Master Plan, which will be completed by 2021.


Since the launch of the Gatineau Park Conservation Plan (2010), the NCC has made progress on addressing issues of concern, and will continue to work with its partners, stakeholders and municipalities to improve the ecological health of the Park.


Moving forward, the NCC will focus on the following priority areas:

reduce fragmentation in the Park by working with recreational users to address unofficial trail issues

implement priority actions to control invasive species

implement its private property acquisition strategy

collaborate with partners to restore Meech Lake shorelines

develop a collaborative plan to restore Lac des Fées.

Gatineau Park’s varied ecosystems are rich in biodiversity, providing habitat for over 5,000 species, including close to 200 species at risk. It is these natural features that contribute to the beauty of the Park, attracting over 2.7 million visits per year. ** Quick Facts ** ** **

In the 2006 assessment, the overall condition of Gatineau Park was determined to be “acceptable.” Today, it is rated “good.”

In 2007, five natural ecosystems and two natural habitats were identified as having elevated conservation values in Gatineau Park:

o   Eardley Escarpment

o   Eardley Plateau

o   Three-Lake Chain

o   La Pêche Lake

o   Pink Lake Plateau

o   Folly Bog (habitat)

o   Lac des Fées (habitat) ** Links ** ** ** Status Report on Gatineau Park Ecosystems