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Garden Dedication Norman Johnston Alternate Program

** Garden Dedication ** ** Norman Johnston Alternate Program ** **

 Friday, November 14

** **



 11:45 am

** ** 2401 Cleroux Cres. ** ** ** ** Blackburn ** ** Hamlet **

Norman Johnston Alternate Program never looked so green.  The Alternate Program received a _ Healthy Eating in Secondary Schools Grant _ and used those funds to design and build raised gardens.


The gardens are a true community effort as children from Children’s Universe Daycare helped water the gardens during the summer months, while the residents from Blackburn Lodge Senior’s Residence helped weed it.



Friday November 14

, students and staff will welcome the community to the school by hosting a Garden Dedication Event. _ Healthy Eating in Secondary Schools _ Grants support innovative, strategic and sustainable initiatives that engage students and the school community in changing the food culture in secondary schools.


This event is designed to honour all who helped to make the garden project a success. To keep things interesting and educational the event will see seniors, preschoolers, and teens working together in teams to celebrate healthy eating – this will include activities such as the ring toss over carrots, throwing green bean bags into targets, turnip bowling using butternut squash as the pins, and the partner pepper toss. When the games are finished, soup made from garden produce will be served.


This unique event is student-led and organized by students - Cameron Jette, Victoria Van Leeuwen, and Justice Shanks as part of a Summative Project for a Food and Nutrition course with support from teachers Sally Collins, Mark Frankish and Emily MacDuff.


Since the garden is a living project students will also receive information about how they can be more involved with the school garden and other future healthy eating initiatives at the school.