Fundraiser for service dog to have tumour surgery

_ (Editor’s note: Below is a clipping from a GoFundMe for KoKo, a service dog with a malignant anal tumour. The dog’s owner Dan has limited income and can’t afford the cost of care. The Blair Animal Hospital did confirm the claims to ** ** , adding donations can also be made at their office at 849 Shefford Road in Gloucester.) _ ** Click here to see the GoFundMe… ** I have a disability and have a Service Dog to assist me. Recently, he was diagnosed with CANCER (anal gland tumour) and urgently needs veterinarian care and likely surgery. This will cost about $7000 and I’m broke and on a fixed income (ODSP). Any monetary donation is gratefully appreciated; no matter how small.

My name is Dan. I live in Ottawa, ON. My Service Dog’s name is KoKo and is almost 9 years old. He’s a German Shepherd/ Husky mix. He now experiences discomfort and is limited in his length of working time, which limits me, too. Because of the tumour location, he has difficulty pooping, so will stop eating making him weak and emaciated. It’s difficult to keep him eating. I have to buy expensive people food, like beef, pork and chicken. If I can kick start his appetite, he’ll begin eating after a few days without food. I can’t describe how terrible this experience is for the both of us.

I don’t know what I would do without him, as not only does he help me with my disability, but he’s the only real friend I have.

I’ve had 3 independent vets examine him and now have been referred to a holistic vet, Dr. Beltran at Blair Animal Hospital.

I deeply appreciate anything you can do and would be happy to share any documents I have to support his credentials as a Service Dog and his progress, as things move forward.

In the event I exceed this financial objective, excess funds will be used for future mishaps, as being I’m on a low fixed income, there’s always things I need for KoKo.

[caption id=“attachment_47101” align=“aligncenter” width=“1000”] Dan and KoKo on a recent trip to the mall (Via GoFundMe)

Dan and KoKo on a recent trip to the mall (Via GoFundMe)[/caption]