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Free web-based social engagement network to connect seniors and families

I AM CONNECTED (IAC), a free web-based social engagement network designed for seniors to help connect them to family and friends.  The platform is designed for easy use and navigation and features large images and font.  The site is also designed to engage seniors and help reduce the isolation and loneliness that seniors often experience.  The seniors population in Canada is growing at a rapid pace, yet they remain one of the most underserved demographics.

In order to provide this service free of charge we have created ‘neighbourhoods’ called Foxtrot and HealthStars.  Foxtrot will feature local owner/operated businesses like clothing stores, restaurants, hair salons, yoga studios and automotive repair, among others.  HealthStars is a neighbourhood that provides local health product and service providers like dentists, chiropractors, mobility services, foot and ankle care, among others.

I AM CONNECTED  is a purpose driven company.  Our purpose is to engage families; reduce isolation and loneliness for seniors; and provide awareness and support to a variety of charities.; and create communities that drive local business growth.   IAC donates 100 per cent of its net operating income to charitable organizations.

Please visit our site at [


](http://www.iamconnected.care/) and take a tour.    Our site is operational, but we continue to make changes and additions on a daily basis.