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Fleury says he won't run in upcoming city election

Rideau-Vanier councillor Mathieu Fleury says he will not seek re-election in this year’s municipal election, nor will he run for mayor.

Fleury tweeted the decision on Tuesday morning, including a YouTube video with more information.

“As a 24-year-old diving into municipal politics, I simply wanted to be involved, I simply wanted to make a difference in our community,” he says in the video. (Fleury was first elected in 2010, and was the youngest councillor to be elected at that time.)

Fleury says he will still be in Ottawa, “determined to shape our exceptional City in new ways.”

He is not the only councillor who plans to stay out of the upcoming race. As of May 10, the following incumbent councillors have bowed out:

  • Jean Cloutier
  • Keith Egli
  • Jan Harder
  • Scott Moffatt

Mayor Jim Watson will also not seek re-election. Two other councillors, Catherine McKenney and Diane Deans, are seeking to replace Watson.