Finally, a beer-themed escape room

_ (press release) _ The ‘Brewmaster’s Office’ opens at the Queen Street Escape Manor next

Thursday, August 11th

, complete with barley, hops and a tricked out replica of the iconic Beau’s tractor. The new room replaces ‘The Wine Cellar’, the last of Ottawa’s first two original escape rooms. Online booking is available now at Facing modern day prohibition, teams of six are tasked with saving the final beer recipe on earth and escaping the evil prohibition squad attempting to destroy the brewmaster’s office. Logic, teamwork, problem solving, and instincts are mission critical to escaping this room.

The unlikely partnership of a brewery and a team-building + amusement company arose from a lunch conversation around the holidays last year. Old high School friends, Tim Duncan from Beau’s and Steve Wilson from Escape Manor amongst others, drew many similarities between the two local start-ups and saw a natural fit in aligning the brands. Since that chat, Escape Manor has sold thousands of bottles of Beau’s Lug Tread Lager (in just a few short months) and treated their full 30 member team to a tour of the brewery, complete with sampling.

Building a beer themed escape room was a natural evolution of the symbiotic relationship and both camps are equally thrilled with the end result. The expectation is that guests will have an amazing time and this experiment will be a great cross-promotional vehicle for both local companies.

Do you have what it takes to escape with the world’s last beer recipe?