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FEATURED: Starr Gymnastics is a great activity idea for fall

Starr Gymnastics Fall sessions

It is time to think about the activities your children will be doing this fall! If you’re looking for the best role models, the most fun and the best gymnastics program in town… look no further! ** [


Gymnastics & Fitness

](http://www.starrgymnastics.ca/) ** has taken a traditional sport and made it dynamic, accessible and fun for any body type, any skill level, for boys and girls.

From Free Baby Playgroups to Teens Classes, to Camps and Spectacular Birthday Parties,


Gymnastics has something for everyone! Experience the journey with


Gymnastics and Fitness this fall!

For more information visit: http://www.starrgymnastics.ca/

Starr Gymnastics prorams

** Starr Gymnastics & Fitness ** is a positive, bright, happy, fun and family-oriented community for quality non-competitive gymnastics. We believe in an engaging approach to physical literacy through positive role models (our coaches), inclusive programming (meaning we are accessible for all body types, backgrounds and abilities), and open communication and active participation in our community.

Since our doors first opened in 1999, we have been dedicated to the health and wellness of each and every member… from the tiniest toddlers to the most eager teens!

We have since grown to three locations, serving all of Ottawa and we see over 25,000 children per year as a part of our:

Gymnastics Classes

Birthday Parties

Seasonal Camps

Drop-In Playtimes

Satellite School Workshops and Lunch Programs

Community Events

We continue to grow and improve our programming, services and facilities with feedback from amazing people like you, and we are honoured that you have decided to share your journey with us!