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Families take up the Parenting in Ottawa Breastfeeding Challenge

Babies and toddlers and their mothers celebrated breastfeeding anywhere, anytime at the _ _ _ Parenting in Ottawa _ Breastfeeding Challenge


, with 80 babies breastfeeding at one site at

11 a.m.

at City Hall.

The Breastfeeding Challenge, which began in 2001 by the Quintessence Foundation as part of World Breastfeeding Week, is a friendly competition that brings together mothers from around the world by challenging them to set the record for the most babies breastfeeding at one time.

The World Health Organization, the Canadian Paediatric Society, Health Canada and OPH recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and to continue breastfeeding, with the introduction of solids, for up to two years and beyond.

The Breastfeeding Challenge also featured the launch of OPH’s new _ Parenting in Ottawa _ Drop-ins . These weekly drop-ins, offered throughout Ottawa, offer a space in the community where parents or guardians with children up to six years including prenatal, can meet with a public health nurse to get in the know about becoming a new parent, breastfeeding support, tracking their child’s growth and development and local community resources.

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