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Fake Friday: Westboro Beach To Use Fair Trade Organic Sand



_ Westboro _ - Westboro Beach sunbathers will be treated to a special sand between their toes after Kitchissippi Ward Councillor Katherine Hobbs approved the use of specially imported fair trade organic sand trucked in from Kenyan and Ethiopian sand fields. The filtered sand is 99% organic and is harvested using fair trade practices and in some cases, shade grown.

Previously, Westboro Beach used regular alluvial sand from the Ottawa River, but was thought to be inferior by many Westboro residents. Demanding a higher quality sand to lay and play on, residents lobbied Councillor Hobbs to have the new organic sand brought in to replace the regular sand. Many residents expressed concern that their children would come in contact with abrasive, UV exposed sand that could be harmful.

“Who knows where this sand comes from, I mean, look at it, its filthy and probably full of dangerous chemicals,” expressed one Westboro parent sitting on the outskirts of the sandy beach area. “We need a safe, organic sand alternative for the health and well-being of our children,” the anonymous resident exclaimed before leashing, helmeting and sunscreening her child before playing on the beach.

Other residents of the Westboro area were pleased to hear of the news that the organic fair trade sand will be trucked in later this week, covering the beach area with clean, safe and filtered sand. Councillor Hobbs made an announcement of the new sand earlier this week, stating the popular beach will now offer an

“eco-conscious sand for all to enjoy.”

The sand is harvested from the Great Bukinia Sand Fields on the border of Kenya and Ethiopia, where some of the world’s finest sands are harvested from. Using fair trade workers to dig the sand for export, the organically filtered sand is 99% pure and free of any impurities such as twigs or seashells. The organic sand is almost 2000% more expensive than regular sand, but Hobbs says the higher-than-average Westboro property taxes will cover the expense.

Westboro Beach will be open on June 21st with a projected 5 days of use during the entire summer due the usual high E.Coli count, but residents are welcomed to enjoy the fresh new sand even if the beach is closed to swimming.

_ This article originally appeared on the o dot blog and is republished here with permission. _



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