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Fake Friday: Taylor Swift Dating Ottawa's Farm Boy



_ Nashville _ - Following in the footsteps of fellow country singer Carrie Underwood who dated former Ottawa resident Mike Fisher, country-pop star Taylor Swift has announced a relationship with Ottawa’s own animatronic Farm Boy. Recently spotted performing alongside Swift at the American Music Awards, Farm Boy has also been caught on camera with Swift at various restaurants and nightclubs in Los Angeles and New York City.

A shy, somewhat stiff personality, the Ottawa native hails from the busy Farm Boy store on Merivale Road where he entertained thousands of visitors with his laid back country songs of the store’s food value, selection and guaranteed freshness. After a chance meeting at the Country Music Awards in Nashville, TN., the two took to the stage to perform some of her hits from the latest album “Speak Now” at the American Music Awards in November. Farm Boy and Swift began a romantic relationship soon afterwards when they mingled at a party celebrating her 10 awards.

When asked about her new relationship with Farm Boy, Swift becomes elusive and only says she is “happy” and “glad to be with someone who is predictable”, in possible reference to her previous relationship with the eccentric musician John Mayer. Swift and Farmboy were recently spotted outside the Merivale Farm Boy location last week where Farm Boy still performs once a week as stipulated in his 5 year contract with the Farm Boy store. The couple has also been spotted in the chique Holla Club in NYC and dining at Hintonburger here in Ottawa.

This post originally appeared on the-o-dot and is republished here with kind permission of the author.