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Fake Friday: Petro-Canada Launches New Signage At Pumps

> > Ottawa - Petro-Canada gas stations across the Ottawa region have recently unveiled new signage on their pumpstoday inreaction to the rising fuel costs. > >
> > [ ![](/legacy/00596.jpg) ](http://ottawastart.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/pumppcan.jpg) > > > > The new signs inform customers that the company will now beacceptingcertified healthy human organs and dental gold as payment for fuel charges at over 67 locations across the city. > >
With gas prices continuing to rise, Petro-Canada responded by offering a variety of new payment options available to cost-shocked gas consumers.
All healthy, medically sound organs will be surgically removed on the spot at gas stations if that method of payment is chosen, as well as the removal of any dental work gold.
> > Petro-Canada is also making plans to expand the number of digits on their station signs to accommodate a fifth decimal place in anticipation of fuel prices reaching the $10.00/L mark. > >

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