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Fake Friday: OC Transpo Launches First Class "OC1" Premium Bus Service



_ Ottawa _ - After a year of complaints against both its service and public transit conditions, OC Transpo announced today it will be launching an all-new, First Class, preferred service transit option for those wishing to commute or travel throughout the city in high-class style.

The announcement of this new, high-end, premium transit option came after months of complaints from transit riders who found the current OC Transpo route service sub-standard. The new First Class service, or “OC1” as it is officially called, will now allow riders to travel in a special bus designed for luxurious comfort with unparalleled customer service.

OC Transpo President Gilles DuMont hails the new transit option as a breakthrough in city transit service, and hopes people will enjoy the increased commitment to comfort and superior customer satisfaction within the new buses.

“The new OC1 option will give riders a chance to actually get to their destination on time and without the inconveniences of regular route service, such as staring through a window covered in head grease or side stepping over a pool of vomit,” DuMont explained.

The OC1 bus service will utilize a fleet of 10 new ultra-luxurious coach class buses imported from Switzerland and feature bone china and silverware meal service, beverage options and hot towel service from a tuxedo clad OC Transpo service attendant.

Reaction to the new OC1 bus service has been positive with over 100 exclusive monthly passes already being sold at $400 each.

“I can’t wait to hop on these new first class buses and get to work on time while enjoying a mimosa and a shoe shine,” responded OC Transpo rider Sheila Burke who commutes daily from Kanata to her downtown office.

“Now the smell of soup will actually be from a silver soup dish instead of just being from the smell of the guy in front of me,” Burke remarked.

OC1 transit begins Tuesday January 17, with service on all major bus routes except the #94. For more information on this new first class service, contact OC Transpo at 613-842-3600

_ This article originally appeared on the-o-dot and is republished here with permission. _