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Fake Friday: Liberals Seek Recycling Equality; Demand “Red Bin” To Join Blue/Green Bins



Ottawa - Federal Liberal candidates across the country are seeking recycling equality and are lobbying municipal waste programs to launch “red bin” recycling in addition to their current “blue” and “green” bin recycling receptacles that residents use to recycle waste.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff called the exclusion of a red bin “an injustice” and “waste discrimination” at a recent press conference in Kamloops, BC. Ignatieff is willing to take the matter to the courts if a red bin is not included in recycling programs within the next two weeks.
“This is a grave reminder that discrimination has no boundaries, including waste recycling, and Liberals are going to see that a red bin appears on the curbs of every Canadian.” a disgruntled Ignatieff exclaimed while on his campaign stop in Kamloops.
Currently, both blue and green bins are being used across the country to recycle waste, with Ignatieff viewing this as “subconscious campaigning” symbols of both the Conservative and Green parties, who use blue and green as their political colours respectively. Ignatieff hopes a red bin will be used to recycle electronics or shoes. “I see the need for a red bin so every Canadian can dispose of their outdated electronics and footwear responsibly.” Ignatieff remarked before heading to his next campaign stop in Yellowknife where recycling is still to be implemented by residents.

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