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Fake Friday: Fall Colours Of New MiniVans, Dying Lawn Grass Draw Huge Crowds To Barrhaven



_ Barrhaven- _ Countless crowds of curious onlookers flooded the streets of Barrhaven earlier this week to take in the vibrant colours of the changing lawns and newly leased minivans inside the community.

Devoid of any trees or other foliage, Barrhaven boasts an impressive and colourful display of dying lawns and new minivans that paint a mutli-coloured palette of vibrancy within the suburban community.

Onlookers from as far away as Pembroke have descended upon the suburb to gaze upon the colourful display of rapidly changing lawns and minivans that transform the landscape.

In contrast to last year’s somewhat neutral palette of minivan colours, the 2011 season brings a wide range of new colours ranging from metallic blues to deep reds that really luminesce under the midday sun.

“We just love coming here to look at the new van colours, and with the changing lawns, it really adds an autumn flair to our community,” stated Barrhaven resident Kimothy Handforth, who brought her mother-in-law from Europe to soak in the spectacle of colours. “I knew the lawns were changing colour with the cool nights, but the added vibrancy of the new 2012 model minivans really adds a spectrum of colour.” Handforth’s mother-in-law remarked.

Barrhaven’s lack of foliage and trees has not detracted from the autumn colours in the neighbourhood through the spectral change in home owner’s lawns and acquisition of new model minivans.

“The whole neighbourhood is alive with colour as residents buy new minivans and let their lawns disintegrate over the fall months,” resident Gary Muskton commented.

The suburb of Barrhaven expects over 5,000 outside visitors to gaze upon their colourful offerings this coming weekend, and hope onlookers enjoy their offerings of colour.

“It’s great, we don’t have to rake any leaves because we have no trees, but we can all enjoy the colour variety through our latest minivans and diverse variety of degenerating lawns,” Handforth proudly remarked.

_ This article was originally published on the-o-dot blog and is republished here with permission. _

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