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Fake Friday: City Of Ottawa Taps City Park Maple Trees For Syrup Revenue



_ Ottawa _ - Taking the necessary steps to generate revenue, the City Of Ottawa recently opened tapping lines on a number of maple trees in forested parks across the city. The imaginative and fun new revenue generator will see over 3,000 maple trees tapped for syrup production, with delicious, city made maple syrup being sold for $20 a bottle at local stores this spring. The revenue generated from the sales of the city-made syrup will help defer the annual costs of city park operations and also provide a tasty treat to those who purchase a bottle of the golden syrup.

With the warmer spring weather approaching, city work crews tapped into the maple trees in city parks last week using modern syrup tapping methods, and restricted park use to citizens until they have collected enough sap from the park trees. Collected sap will then be processed in a sugar shack somewhere within City Hall with finished bottles of syrup being sold back to Ottawa residents. “We think this is a fun and tasty way for Ottawa residents to help out with city costs.” explained Mayor Watson who spearheaded the syrup campaign dubbed as “Maple Daze”. The syrup event will run from March.20-April 15 with a special panacake breakfast at City Hall using the collected city syrup on Marc. 24.

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