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Fake Friday: Barrhaven Historical Society Rallies To Save 1993 Winners Store



_ Barrhaven _ - Residents of the Barrhaven community were greeted Monday morning by the rallying chants and protests of members of the Barrhaven Historical Society as they waved placards in front of the closed Winners store that is slated for demolition next week.

The Barrhaven Historical Society, or BHS, has been lobbying the City of Ottawa to save the historic 1993 building which has stood at the corner of Greenbank and Strandherd Roads for almost 18 years. BHS President Glen Simmons, stood in front of the decaying, stucco and brick building, hoping to bring about a last minute change to the decision to demolish the heritage building. “This has been an important retail hub for many Barrhaven residents over the last few decades, bringing quality name brand merchandise at affordable prices to the community.” Simmons remarked. “To demolish this cultural and historic building would be a grave loss for this generation, and generations to come.” said Simmons, who has contacted City Hall numerous times to try and save the abandoned building.

Simmons wants the city to recognize the historical significance of the building which utilizes, pre-century architectural details such as polymer stucco, pink and blue detailing, and a tinted glass facade. Simmons believes the building is part of Barrhaven’s rich, suburban past and needs to saved. ‘This kind of building is truly a reminder of our illustrious retail past.” Simmons commented before heading to a Quizno’s for a toasted turkey club sub.

The City of Ottawa was unavailable for comment on the matter, but sources indicate the building is being demolished to make way for a new HomeSense store and possible Talbots factory outlet.

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