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Fake Friday: "Artisan" Bread Gets Solo Exhibition At Local Gallery

_ Wellington West _ - The much discussed and heralded "artisan" bread that many local restaurants proudly serve has been appointed gallery status by Sphere Gallery on Wellington Street West. Located in the heart of what has now been dubbed "Epicurean Row", Sphere Gallery will play host to the artistic bread solo show this coming October. > > > > > > [ ![](/legacy/00351.jpg) ](http://ottawastart.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/breadgallery.jpg) "The bread is called artisan for a reason," stated Sphere curator Ed Manet, "It is art in bread form, hence the name." For years now, the popular bread made locally by bread "artists", has been served in the many eateries along Wellington West, which has recently been named "Epicurean Row" by media types and the Wellington West BIA for its diverse selection of eating establishments . Trying to make the bread sound artsy and unique in stature, the bread was labelled "artisan", and continues to grow in popularity among restaurants. > > > > > > > > Recently, many other products have been given artisan status, but none have reached critical acclaim and achieved their own artistic solo show in an art gallery. "This is a great opportunity to exhibit art in the form of bread and showcase its artisan status" explained Manet. > > > > > > > > Plans are already in the works for an artisan water, artisan butter, and artisan cheese exhibitions soon after the bread's solo exhibit. Manet also expressed interest in showcasing local Subway Sandwich artists work with submarine delicacies. > >
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