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Fair Hydro for Ottawa Petition to be presented to Ontario Legislature

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On October 19


, Councillor George Darouze will join MPP Lisa MacLeod at Queen’s Park as she presents the Fair Hydro for Ottawa petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. It will be a big moment for all of Ottawa residents who are faced with the burden of paying up to 30% more on their hydro bills simply because they are customers of Hydro One.

Earlier this year Councillor Darouze launched his


 Fair Hydro for Ottawa petition


, which is directed at the Ontario Government to harmonize billing rates between Hydro One customers and Hydro Ottawa customers in an effort to correct the price disparity.

Councillor George Darouze and his team have been collecting  signatures with the help of businesses and residents since March 9


of this year.

“This has been a very long and hard process for all of us involved, and I am looking forward to see the results of this petition. This wouldn't have been possible without the great help and support from many businesses, residents and Council Colleagues; Councillor Moffatt, Councillor Monette, Councillor El-Chantiry and Councillor Blais. For far too long residents have been beset with the burden of paying Hydro One rates that are unaffordable and unjustified. As a community we have come together in this endeavour to have our voice heard and to make a difference. If Wal-Mart can price match, well so can Hydro One!” [George Darouze]

MPP Lisa MacLeod has been a great support throughout the process, and she will be presenting the Fair Hydro for Ottawa Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Wednesday.

“Although all of my constituents have faced skyrocketing hydro bills those in rural Ottawa are affected the most because of steep charges from Hydro One.  I was pleased to bring the Hydro One Ombudsman to Greely so she could see firsthand their frustration and learn of the difficult decisions they must make monthly – whether to put food on the table to eat or warmth in their home with heat.  I’m glad Councillor Darouze is driving this point home through his petition and I am pleased he has asked me to present it at Queen’s Park”.  [Lisa MacLeod]

Residents are invited to watch the presentation of the Fair Hydro for Ottawa Petition live online from the


 Ontario Legislature webcast


on Wednesday October 19


just after 3:00 PM.

The Ontario Government is expected to provide a response to the petition within 24 sitting days after it is presented.