‘Embarassment’ there no official medal to mark Canada 150: MacLeod

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Lisa MacLeod, Nepean-Carleton MPP, speaks at a community picnic on Sunday. (Charlie Senack for OttawaStart.com)[/caption]

The lack of an official award to commemorate Canada’s 150


led Lisa MacLeod to launch her own to recognize residents from her community who do good things.

The MPP for Nepean-Carleton announced her medallion, dubbed the Nepean-Carleton 150 Inspiration Awards, during a community picnic she held at Ken Ross Park on Sunday.

“Typically the Government of Canada recognizes a momentous event like Canada 150 with a medallion, but this year they didn’t,” said MacLeod.


The Department of Canadian Heritage dropped plans in 2016 to issue special medals but did not provide a reason, the _ National Post _ reported.

MacLeod wanted to use the award to give thanks to 150 people in her community who go above and beyond to help better society.

“I really wanted an opportunity to thank my volunteers, the people in my community who go above and beyond, who make sure our food cupboard runs, who went to war and supported our community and nation building efforts, and other people who have just been good people over the years,” she said.

This also comes at a time MacLeod says people often reflect on the hatred in the world yet don’t look at the positives.

“As a mother, and someone who is watching world events today, I think we need a lot more of us together (and) being united,” said MacLeod. “I want to celebrate our country, and that is why I’m launching the Nepean Carleton Canada 150 Inspiration Awards,”

Several other MPPs and MPs have launched similar awards, including Yasir Naqvi (Ottawa Centre.)

Nominations are open on lisamacleod.com until the end of November. The award ceremony recognizing 150 great Nepean-Carleton residents is expected to take place sometime in December.