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Eight places over eight years: Timelapse photos showing how Ottawa is growing up

(This blog post originally appeared on Point2Homes , a real estate listing site.)

Although many highrises have been built in Ottawa since the ‘70s, the city’s skyline has seen significant change especially in the past decade. Various condo developments, construction projects and newly-built towers have altered the cityscape in many ways. With the help of Google Street View, we compared the city in 2007 to the Ottawa of 2013, revealing the massive transformation. _ Move the mouse over the images to see the slides. If you like them, don’t forget to share them with your friends. _ ** 1. Improvements on Besserer Street ** ( Link to Street View )

As the photos show, Besserer Street is under continuous development even today. The construction of the 15-story Galleria 2 condos and two blocks of flats has completely changed how the street looks now compared to 2007.

And not so far away on the same street, we can see even more significant changes. From 2007 to 2012, four new tall apartment houses have replaced the small family homes that once dominated Besserer Street. These provide homes for 10 times more people than the previous houses on the same acreage.

** 2. The Tiffany Complex ** ( Link to Street View )

This complex, made up of two buildings, was constructed in the historic New Edinburgh neighborhood, minutes away from downtown, between 2009 and 2012. The apartment houses are 223 feet tall, have 20 floors and a total of 378 condos.

** 3. Massive changes close to Claridge Plaza ** ( Link to Street View )

At the meeting of two main roads, Rideau Street and King Edward Avenue, one can observe big differences between 2007 and 2012. The square next to the local shop has been enriched with three tall frame houses with hundreds of units.

** 4. 395 Terminal Avenue ** ( Link to Street View )

This 270,000 square foot and eight-story building is situated very close to the Ottawa train station. It is an office building, completed in early 2013 for the Canada Revenue Agency. This energy-efficient building is one of the greatest investments in the city of Ottawa in the past five years, which not only contributed a great workspace but also a renovation of the city’s infrastructure.

** 5. Surroundings of Ottawa Convention Centre ** ( Link to Street View )

The area next to the Confederation Park changed drastically when the Ottawa Convention Centre opened its doors in 2011. The building replaced the old Congress Centre, and has a more modern twist to its architecture, featuring a large glass façade. The building covers 192,000 square-feet and has four levels.

** 6. Development next to the Bank of Nova Scotia ** ( Link to Street View )

Ottawa regional road is developing fast, with a brand-new supermarket and a twenty-story block of flats and apartments built right next to the Bank of Nova Scotia. The constructions began in the spring of 2007 and in 2012 it was already called home by its residents.

** 7. New homes close to the Public Library ** ( Link to Street View )

Another huge apartment complex was built adjacent to the Ottawa Public Library. As you can see on most of the images, the city’s development over the last five to ten years consists mostly of condo developments and apartment buildings due to the thriving number of Ottawa residents.