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Did you know: The government has a top 40 song quota for Ottawa radio stations


What qualifies as a hit?

"Hits" include any song that's appeared on the mainstream Top 40 list in Canada or the U.S. at any time in the past few decades.

There's a big exception: Canadian songs that are can-con eligible and have been a top 40 hit the last year can be played without counting against the "hit" quota.  (But if they're older than one year old, they count as a hit.)  This is to encourage more new Canadian content on the air.

The quota applies between 6am-midnight.

 Radio stations can program their 50% "non-hits" during overnight or evening hours when fewer people are listening.  As long as they don't go over 50% hit song limit during a seven day period.

Any local radio / industry people who can add some context or insight to this rule?  Send me a note at feedback@ottawastart.com


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