/ #Abdirahman Abdi 

Nearly 200 show up to Black Lives Matter demonstration outside police HQ

Nearly 200 demonstrators gathered outside Ottawa Police Headquarters Wednesday, marking the one-month anniversary of Abdirahman Abdi’s death. Abdi died July 24 after a confrontation with police in Hintonburg. Black Lives Matter organized the protest along with several across the country.

The Special Investigations Unit continues to probe Abdi’s death. Several demands have been released by Black Lives Matter, including the public release of the SIU’s report into Abdi’s death. The group has also demanded the officers under investigation, Cst. Dave Weir and Cst. Daniel Montsion, be charged.







Some were also present at the Ottawa Hospital.

Because of the time gap between Abdi’s death and the public being notified, Black Lives Matter alleges the hospital colluded with police to “mislead the public and family about [Abdi’s] death.”



Supporters will likely wait a long time before knowing the outcome of the SIU’s investigation, which is expected to take months. Check out our backgrounder for more…