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Coventry Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge opening connects communities

Today’s opening of the Coventry Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge marks the completion of an important connection between communities on both sides of Highway 417 and adds another link to the city’s ever-expanding cycling and pedestrian network.


“The opening of this bridge demonstrates how the City continues to build on its reputation as a cycling and pedestrian-friendly city by improving its network of cycling infrastructure and multi-use pathways,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “This bridge is another piece of the City’s overall vision for how transportation and infrastructure will help us move towards a more livable city for all residents.”


The bridge connects existing multi-use pathways on Coventry Road and Tremblay Road, as well as provides a means for residents to safely get to the Ottawa Baseball Stadium, the Ottawa Train Station, and the future site of the Tremblay Light Rail Transit station.


“Cyclists and pedestrians who need to get from one side of the highway to the other can now do so safely and conveniently,” said Alta Vista Councillor Jean Cloutier. “The City has responded to the needs of local residents by connecting their communities and closing the gap in the existing pathway network.”


“The bridge brings countless benefits not only to local residents, but also serves the needs of Ottawa residents and visitors who now have more options to connect to public transit, the Ottawa Baseball Stadium or to visit one of the great businesses we have in this area,” said Rideau-Rockcliffe Councillor Tobi Nussbaum.


The Coventry Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge is a Cash Allowance funded as part of the Confederation Line construction project. This is an Ottawa on the Move project, which is about keeping our community and economy moving forward through strategic investments in a number of transportation, water, and sewer projects to build a better city and create jobs.