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COOL VIDEO: Mid '60s home movie of trains in Ottawa

_ (Via Dave Allston at the Kitchissippi Museum blog) _ It is a privilege to present some incredible home video footage from the mid-1960s of trains in the west Ottawa area.

This footage is all courtesy of local train historian/archivist/enthusiast Bruce Chapman, who shot all of this footage himself. Up until now this video has only been seen by a few people.

With Bruce’s permission, the Kitchissippi Museum is proud to share a collection of Kitchissippi-area clips of this footage. There are a total of 8 different clips, some are dated, some have accompanying info from Bruce Chapman, and I’ve done my best to label key reference points in each video.


There is no audio that was recorded. The first clips are the most exciting, as the footage is filmed from inside the cab of the engine, essentially providing an unbelievable opportunity to experience (at least to some degree) the feeling of driving down the CPR rail track along Scott Street inside a train in 1967. Enjoy and please feel free to comment any memories/thoughts you have on this amazing video. Thank you!

0:00 - October 28, 1967 - Final days at Ottawa West station. Leaving Ottawa West station going west towards Churchill Avenue, alongside Scot Street, from inside the cab of the RDC of #261. 2:59 - 1967 date uncertain - In cab of RDC unit on train #262 travelling from Brockville to Ottawa; this is footage from Churchill to Ottawa West station 4:50 - April 2, 1967 - Train #90, 8795-8745-8749 bringing 4-8-4 3100 to Ottawa, crossing Churchill Avenue 5:30 - October 28, 1967 - Ottawa West station’s last day, panning the area from inside the yard 7:26 - Date unknown - “Scott Street in Ottawa; ‘light’ diesel locomotives heading westbound to pick up the rest of their train which they’ve left west of Westboro station, as their train was too long to fit into the small Ottawa West yard in one cut. The locomotives are all MLW: RS-10, RS-18, RS-10, RS-18” 8:26 - Date unknown. Shot from up Gilchrist Avenue looking north. “RS-18 and RS-10 on train #90 passing by on Scott Street.” 9:31 - 1966 - Train #75, the through freight from Montreal to Ottawa on the M&O Sub, arriving at Ottawa West station early one morning (after crossing the Prince of Wales bridge) 10:12 - April 12, 1966 - #2 (“The Canadian”) and #4 (“The Dominion”) consolidated at Scott Street/Gilchrist Avenue

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