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Cool tool: Ottawa Public Library toolbar



Check this nifty little tool: the Ottawa Public Library Toolbar .

"No matter where you are on the Web, you can instantly access the Ottawa Public Library. Search our catalogue, check your account, consult our databases, ask a question of our staff, see what's new on the shelves, and find out what's happening in branches. The toolbar installs in Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows, and doesn't contain spyware or malware that could harm your computer. The toolbar also includes an uninstaller so you can remove it at any time."

The toolbar is listed in the “ Library Lab “ section of the library’s web site, and comes with this caveat: “Be aware that these tools are still in testing mode and have not been formally released. They may change or disappear without notice, or perform erratically. These tools are provided “as is” with no warranty of any kind.”



We tried downloading the Firefox plug-in on Monday night, without to success. We sent a note via the feedback form, and within a couple hours we had a response back: “Try using the IE download link in Firefox and you should be able to download.” And sure enough, it worked!)


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